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Harnessing the sun, powering a brighter future

Pioneering the way in organized distribution, We are driving India’s leap into a sustainable future through our robust solar business. Bolstered by an expansive distribution network, our primary goal is to make top-tier global solar products readily available in the Indian market.

We specialize in delivering “Cutting-edge, High-Quality Solar Energy Products” directly to consumers via a network of Solar System Integrators, Channel Partners, and Installers. Our commitment is to usher in a new era of advanced and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Top Performer

Our solar product line is known for its excellent performance and high quality standards.

Top Quality

Our product line has been tested on various required criteria and meets industry standards.

Top Service

Understanding our clients’ wishes, we also provide them with customized solutions based on their specifications.

Team Members

Our Expertise

Rooftop On-Grid Solar Power Plants

Experience the epitome of solar technology with On-Grid Solar Roof System, widely acclaimed in the market. This Solar-Powered Generation System (SPGS) seamlessly integrates solar photovoltaic prowess with the grid. The generated power seamlessly flows to the electricity provider, fueling your appliances with clean energy. Benefit from a hassle-free installation and easy maintenance, ensuring a smooth and sustainable power experience.
We excel in crafting and executing rooftop On-Grid systems spanning from 1KW to 1000KW. Our tailored approach caters to diverse energy demands, seamlessly empowering homes, businesses, educational institutions, and industrial facilities with cutting-edge solar prowess.

Rooftop Hybrid Solar Power Plants

a hybrid solar system seamlessly blends the strengths of both grid-tied and off-grid systems. This dynamic solution not only connects with the utility grid but also harnesses the ability to store energy in a dedicated battery bank.
Our expertise shines in the realm of Rooftop Hybrid Solar Power Plants, spanning from 1KW to 1000KW.

Sustainability Commitment

We embrace a sustainability-driven ethos, shaping not just how we work but ensuring our enduring success as a premier global force in integrated energy and chemicals. Our commitment to sustainability is the key to our long-term prosperity and leadership in the industry.

Our focus areas

Climate Change:

Mitigating emissions to contribute towards combating climate change

Biodiversity initiatives:

Safeguarding the integrity of our natural surroundings

Protecting natural resources:

Incorporating environmental stewardship is profoundly ingrained in our approach.

Responsible business:

Catering to the requirements of human advancement and progress.


Solar power: Lighting up homes and businesses with clean energy