INV (EU)-E-15-20 GT-03 (P)

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INV (EU)-E-15-20 GT-03 (P)

Because of its small size and the presence of local LCD displays and buttons, the Three-phase inverter is one of the most effective solutions for residential applications available. The zero-export capability, which is included into the system, also provides significant ease and comfort for PV system operators and installers (an external CT is required).



The Three phase string inverter has a power output of INV (EU)-E-15-20 GT-03 (P), two MPPT trackers, and a maximum efficiency of 97.7 percent. It also features two MPP trackers. Application for zero export as well as an application for voluntary standardization is both on the table (VSG). The intelligent monitoring, which is an optional feature, is carried out on a string. There is a large selection of output voltages available, as well as an anti-PID function that is provided as an optional feature.


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