Longi Solar modules LR4-72HBD 425~455M

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Longi Solar modules LR4-72HBD 425~455M

Unleashing Solar Brilliance:

Performance Prowess:

  • Achieve front-side performance comparable to traditional low Light-Induced Degradation (LID) mono PERC.
  • Experience exceptional module conversion efficiency soaring up to 20.9%.
  • Enjoy superior energy yield, showcasing outstanding performance under low irradiance and temperature variations.
  • Witness minimal first-year power degradation, staying below an impressive <2%.

Bifacial Marvel:

  • Harness the power of bifacial technology, capturing additional energy from the rear side, boosting overall efficiency by up to 25%.

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Glass/Glass Durability:

  • Elevate your solar investment with glass/glass lamination, ensuring an extended 30-year product lifetime.
  • Experience minimal annual power degradation, gracefully capped at <0.45%, providing lasting value.
  • Embrace 1500V compatibility to slash Balance of System (BOS) costs and elevate overall project economics.

Solid PID Resistance:

  • Fortify against Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) through meticulous solar cell process optimization and thoughtful module Bill of Materials (BOM) selection.

Optimized Energy Harvesting:

  • Enjoy higher energy yield thanks to lower operating temperatures, ensuring optimal performance across diverse conditions.

Enhanced Safety:

  • Mitigate hot spot risks with a carefully optimized electrical design and lower operating current, ensuring a safe and efficient solar experience.

Embrace a solar solution that not only meets but exceeds performance expectations, delivering sustainable energy with longevity and efficiency at its core.


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