LFP Battery Wall Mount

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LFP Battery Wall Mount

All lithium battery types are compatible with lithium iron phosphate, which is the safest of the lithium battery chemistry options (AC- or DC-coupled). German engineering, exceptional performance, and long usable life are all hallmarks of this product. There are a plethora of input and output possibilities.



The package contains a battery and an AC coupling for use with a machine. This design has been built in a modular fashion. The ease with which it may be set up and low-maintained is a big selling feature for this product. There is also the option of 24-hour monitoring accessible.

Below are some of the other features of this system-

  • Output – 3000 W Max.
  • Capacity – 30.24 kWh
  • Battery Capacity – 5.04 kWh
  • Dimensions – 630 x 236 x 685 mm
  • IP Protection –  IP65
  • Weight – 60 kg
  • DOD – 95%
  • Certifications – CE, IEC


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