MONO PERC -144 Cells 520 Wp | 525 Wp | 530 Wp | 535 Wp | 540 Wp | 545

What is Half-cut Technology?
Half-cut technology in the realm of solar cells involves the process of splitting conventional silicon solar cells right down the middle using a laser cutter.
Half-cut solar cells come with a range of advantages compared to their full-sized counterparts. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the enhanced performance and durability they offer.
In terms of performance, half-cut cells can elevate panel efficiencies by a few percentage points, leading to better overall electricity production. Furthermore, their smaller size lends them greater physical robustness, making them less susceptible to cracking.
Another key advantage is reduced resistive losses, resulting in improved energy capture and conversion. Additionally, half-cut cells exhibit superior shade tolerance, ensuring they continue to generate power even when partially shaded.


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